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How Google Will Take Over the World September 30, 2009

Posted by Nick in technology.
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Watch this video.  Awesome but horrifying at the same time.  Students from Georgia Tech are using google earth and CCTV to map actual cars, people, etc. into Google Earth.  This is pretty awesome, it means we could check the roads we want to travel for traffic before heading out or watch a rugby match in australia because it would never be broadcast in the US.

Unfortunately, its pretty terrifying also.  In the video everything is totally anonymous and you can’t see people’s faces or completely accurate images.  But, if you had access to this and a bunch of CCTV systems (like the government does) it would be pretty simple to track someone’s movements all the time.

Everyone living in a major city might want to keep their head down if this gets big.


The Point. September 30, 2009

Posted by Nick in education, social media, technology.
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What’s the point of this blog?  I’m starting it for a few reasons.  One because I did a travel blog awhile back and wanted to get something going on a regular basis.  Two, because blogging is entertaining and I’d like to think I have some interesting things to say.  Most importantly, because technology, social media, and school are the three things I’m passionate about in life and I don’t think any of them are really discussed enough, especially in conjunction with one another.

I plan on posting here as much as possible and each post will talk about education, social media, school, or the intersection of these.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it interesting and when I find exciting stuff out there on other blogs and websites I’ll post them here for anyone reading (basically only my parents…if they even do).  Hope you enjoy though!