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NYU ITP May 5, 2010

Posted by Nick in education, technology.
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Ah, only a few short weeks from graduating from Georgetown I have finally decided what to do next year. I decided to turn down both of my job offers and go back to school. Crazy? I don’t think so, not when the school is as awesome as the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU (ITP). This program is a combination of everything new media and technology, I will do some physical computing, hopefully a lot of programming, and learn about all types of new technologies. This is not only awesome and exciting, but ITP is also very well regarded in the NYC startup scene where I hope to be working in the future. ITP graduates include founders of a number of businesses, including Dennis Crowley the founder of Foursquare. I’m looking forward to the move to ITP and looking forward to what I will learn there.

On a side note, I haven’t posted here in awhile and will be shutting this blog down to start a new one with more frequent posts that are more in-depth. I also plan on spending more time on each post ensuring that the writing is much better. I will post a link here when I get it started.