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The future of making money on the internet February 1, 2010

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So I haven’t been here in a long time and soon I’d like to be back writing regularly, I haven’t written anything about my experiences navigating the technological challenges I faced in China (blocked emails, proxy servers, etc.). But, the thing that really wanted to get me back on here was a blog post that Dave McClure just wrote. Check his article about how the future revenue model for the internet will be paid content and subscription services. He says that Facebook, Google, and Apple are all poised to be a huge part of this move for a very specific reason…you use them a lot so you remember your password. McClure says that one of the biggest problems he experienced while at PayPal was that people couldn’t remember their passwords. Check out everything he has to say on his blog 500 Hats, the guy may be a little crazy but he is extremely smart


I <3 Google: Google Maps Navigation October 28, 2009

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I suggest you head to Gizmodo to see their full right up on this new app for Android 2.0 phones, but its absolutely incredible.

Using the google maps software, google has created a completely free app for turn by turn directions. Addresses or names of business can be input through text or voice and then you will be guided to your destination. Even cooler is that you can switch to street view while your going and can see the road in front of you as your traveling.

Most importantly, there is nothing in the iPhone app store like this for less than $50 per year and most are upwards of $100 per year. I don’t know if this app will ever come to the iPhone, but I want it.